About Me

My name is Dez. I am a student pursuing my undergraduate degree. My natural hair journey started on April 5, 2012. My last big chop was sometime in August but between then and April, I had no idea what to do with my hair so I braided it with extensions and hid it under weaves. Bad idea. My hair started to break so easily because of lack of moisture and overall care.
My aunt introduced me to the natural hair community through Youtube. I started watching people like Naptural85, AfricanExport, DeminPixie and SimplyYounique. Then I got into it through tumblr and created my own natural hair blog, dezcurls.tumblr.com. I decided to document my journey through BlogSpot since it's impossible to go on reblogging sprees here.
As of right now, my hair is about the middle of my neck when curly and a little past my collar bone when straight (well stretched, I haven't straightened in about 3 months). I hope to be at least bra strap length by Natural Hair Anniversary.
Happy Hair Growing :)

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