Monday, July 23, 2012

First Impressions || Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

So I was running out of my old conditioner that I bought before I researched natural hair products (Pantene Aqua Light). I was good for my hair but I felt like something out there could do better. So, I posted the question on my tumblr page ( and asked for suggestions on conditioners. I got some really good ones like the Trader Joes Tea Tree Tingle and Tresseme Naturals. The closest WholeFoods/TraderJoes is about an hour away and I couldn't find Tresseme Naturals at Sally's or Walgreens so I picked up HE Hello Hydration for like 3.99/10oz.

Okay so here we go. I did an ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse on my hair and deep conditioned with my homemade Honey deep conditioner (Honey Deep Conditioner). So after rinsing it out, I used the Hello Hydration and LORD! The slip was like instant and just ... omg. I can't even. I love it. Rinsing it out was great and my hair felt soft afterwards. I'm not doing a full review until I've gone through at least half of the bottle so I'm not posting the ingredients or doing a rating for now. But so far, so good.

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